• 3D Printed Embroidery

    Where traditions meet technology...

    In the recent years we have noticed how many fashion designers had pieces with Nordic, Russian and Ukrainian embroidery dominating their runways, so we decided to take this idea and use 3D Printing to create something truly unique!
  • Yayyy - MALINKO Giveaway!

  • EASTER bunny from the FUTURE

    When I got my first prototype I couldn't believe my eyes...

    This Easter bunny pendant was a true experiment! When I started modelling it on computer I was just having fun and didn't think it would actually print.
  • MALINKO exhibits at Singapore Design Week

    We are very excited to exhibit our work at Singaplural - one of the key events of Singapore Design Week!

    As some of you may know MALINKO is offering product design services and this year we showcase our concepts, ideation and sketching techniques that our customers love so much.
  • EASTER breakfast in no time

    'Juggling family, work, yoga class and a hamster pet' - sounds familiar?

    Most of us are so busy trying to keep up with daily tasks that we forget to prepare for some of the most important holidays in our calendar. To be honest the design of the NEST egg cup was made to save some time while getting ready for EASTER. In an ideal world I would love to get a dozen of eggs and decorate them in AVATAR or TRON style, but it never happens.
  • Girls can do everything, even be a 3D Printing nerd!

    I would like to start this blog with the fact that I am...a blond. Not what you expected? Believe me that is not what I expected myself, considering that I was failing my maths, physics and computer science classes at least once a year at school!

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