• Malinko Design at Dutch Design Week - supported by Shapeways

    We are honored and excited to present our playful designer homewares and jewelry items at the Dutch Design Week in Einhoven, thanks to tremendous support from Shapeways.
  • MALINKO Design in London

    After nine months of careful preparations we are showcasing our products at London Design Fair 2017. Our latest developments are a variety of 3D printed metal, plastic and ceramic articles with intricate finishes.

    Read further to see what we are exhibiting, where and when.
  • Should it be just 3D printed?

    While some suggest that 3D printing is a substitute for all manufacturing processes, it is far from being true. 3D printing is a perfect manufacturing technique for making small batches of products and is great for intricate designs where no other manufacturing technique will work. However, by simply using 3D printing we limit ourselves to one production process and miss out on unique and surprising finishes and unusual materials.
  • Why 3D printed products?

    Many of you have heard of 3D printing by now. But not many people realize how much this technology has developed in the last five years with dozens of new materials and finishes added. Thanks to this, designers can bring their wildest dreams to life and create truly amazing products that are impossible to replicate with any other manufacturing method.
  • Singapore Vibes

    This is not a secret that for the last two years I lived in Singapore and this truly amazing city have inspired me to design a number of new and innovative pieces!
  • 3D Printed and Classy

    We had a number of customers asking how would we style the pieces from our new 3D printed 'Embroidery' collection? So we have created a few looks that we think will go perfect with our Mini pendant.

    Today's theme is 'Classy'...
  • 3D Printed Embroidery

    Where traditions meet technology...

    In the recent years we have noticed how many fashion designers had pieces with Nordic, Russian and Ukrainian embroidery dominating their runways, so we decided to take this idea and use 3D Printing to create something truly unique!
  • Yayyy - MALINKO Giveaway!

  • EASTER bunny from the FUTURE

    When I got my first prototype I couldn't believe my eyes...

    This Easter bunny pendant was a true experiment! When I started modelling it on computer I was just having fun and didn't think it would actually print.
  • MALINKO exhibits at Singapore Design Week

    We are very excited to exhibit our work at Singaplural - one of the key events of Singapore Design Week!

    As some of you may know MALINKO is offering product design services and this year we showcase our concepts, ideation and sketching techniques that our customers love so much.

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