• Yes! Geometric bag is a Big Winner!

    MALINKO's 3D Printed bag takes 3rd place at the prestigious competition by GreenBird and Swarovski!
  • See you in Frankfurt!

    MALINKO wins a spot at Ambiente! See you in Frankfurt!
  • Testing new field, proving new ground

    MALINKO's new 3D Printed bag becomes a finalist of prestigious Russian competition!
  • Sketching Competition

    Sketch an insect and we will 3D Print it for you!
  • Black Friday Sale starts now!

    MALINKO's Black Friday sale starts right now! Up to 40% off + FREE SHIPPING.
  • Why Design Thinking?

    In our world we are surrounded by objects. They are either mass produced, 3D printed, manufactured with unique techniques or hand-crafted. Some of toys, furtniture pieces, homewares, fashion and jewelry accessories can be found at anyone's place, while others will be an exception.
    Despite the method of manufacturing or how widespread the product is, anyone always pays attention to the design.
  • Looking at the latest global 3D printing trends in Singapore

    On 7th November 2017 we went to Emerging Applications Summit in Singapore. The event gathered over 300 delegates from all over the world to discuss the role of 3D printing in emerging applications.

    MALINKO Design spotted a number of interesting developments in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, that we share in this article.
  • Why having fun matters!

    Do you remember your childhood? The times when you were busy exploring the world around you and testing new things and being amazed by stuff you uncovered. You have certainly come up with a solution or two that would be considered rather unusual by an adult you. Was it fun? We are sure it was!
  • Malinko Design at Dutch Design Week - supported by Shapeways

    We are honored and excited to present our playful designer homewares and jewelry items at the Dutch Design Week in Einhoven, thanks to tremendous support from Shapeways.
  • MALINKO Design in London

    After nine months of careful preparations we are showcasing our products at London Design Fair 2017. Our latest developments are a variety of 3D printed metal, plastic and ceramic articles with intricate finishes.

    Read further to see what we are exhibiting, where and when.

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